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Shopify NetSuite Connector

Connect the #1 worldwide ERP with the #1 ecommerce!

Our connector allows you to integrate NetSuite ERP and your Shopify account in real time, without the need of middleware or external interfaces.  


Fully automate end to end the order management process, and prepare your business for scaling more efficiently and fast.
Fully Setup in 3 weeks!



No Middleware needed

Fully Automated Order Management Cycle

Error Handling & Re-Processing

Increase Allocation & Fulfillment efficiency

Reduce delays, backorders & partial orders

Gives full visibility to operations users

Increase on time delivery

Works perfectly with 3PLs or WMS integrations

Flexible, Adaptable & Customizable

Standard & Customized Sales Reports


Main Flows

> Customers: Customers are created as part of the order migration (bi-directionaly). Some filters may be used, like only the customers with orders in “paid” status in Shopify. Also, you can update customers from Shopify to Netsuite.

> Orders: Migrate to Netsuite all necessary information for your Order Management process.

> Items: The connector syncs, among others, SKUs, images, vendors, item numbers, tags, weight, and more.

> Inventory: Choose some or all of the available locations and update inventory levels in Shopify, from NetSuite.

> Fulfillment: choose to transfer item tracking information from NetSuite to Shopify.

> Canceling: Orders canceled in NetSuite are updated and canceled in Shopify automatically.

> Refunds: Refunds created in Shopify are migrated into Netsuite in real time, also the other way around.


Week 1

Accounts accesses

Setup Checklist

Analysis & Discovery

Week 2

Flows Setup


Week 3



Go Live

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