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HRC LATAM Localizations bundle

For Argentina

Hood River Consulting is excited to expand our NetSuite-based solutions to Argentina.

We understand the unique challenges faced by businesses operating in Argentina and offer tailored solutions to meet all tax, reporting, and fiscal compliance requirements in the country.

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Main Benefits
  • Ensure complete compliance with AFIP (Administración Federal de Ingresos Públicos) regulations.

  • Seamless integration of NetSuite with Argentina's primary Electronic Invoicing systems.

  • Daily exchange rate updates in NetSuite, sourced directly from Banco Central de la República Argentina (BCRA).

  • Customized reports to comply with Argentina's specific fiscal and accounting requirements.

  • Setup of VAT, Gross Income Tax (Ingresos Brutos), and other relevant taxes, including withholding taxes, using NetSuite's SuiteTax feature.

  • Expert support services available in both English and Spanish.

We offer NetSuite Localizations for several countries including:









Electronic Invoicing

  • Includes Factura Electrónica, Notas de Crédito, Notas de Debito and other necessary e-documents national and international.

  • Complete validation of e-documents with real-time status updates and automated customer notifications for any rejections.

  • Automatic creation of PDF versions of all transactions directly in NetSuite.

  • Email notifications to clients, ensuring a seamless and efficient invoicing process.

  • Implementation of Mipyme, a specialized electronic credit invoice for small and medium enterprises, enabling them to better manage credit terms and improve cash flow

Tax Management and Withholding tax

Detailed Tax Setup

Complementation of Argentina's specific tax requirements, including:

> Standard VAT
> Reduced VAT rates for certain categories
Export and Import related tax configurations

Withholding Taxes

Comprehensive setup for taxes like Profits Tax (Ganancias), Personal Assets Tax (Bienes Personales), and others.


Fiscal and Accounting Reports

Customized Reporting: Automated generation of mandatory fiscal report files required by AFIP, including:

> VAT declarations
> Gross Income Tax reports
> Annual financial statements
Other specific reports as per Argentine regulations

Exchange Rate Integration

Daily updates of foreign exchange rates from the BCRA, ensuring accurate financial reporting and analysis.

​We have the know how, but more importantly we deeply care about your success.

Hood River Consulting

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