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HRC LATAM Localizations bundle

For Ecuador

HRC, we're proud to be part of NetSuite’s steady growth in Latin America.

We're excited to announce that we can now offer our customers a comprehensive NetSuite-based solution that meets all tax, report, and fiscal compliance requirements in their respective Latam country.

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Main Benefits
  • Full compliance and certification with the Tax Agencies.

  • Integration for NetSuite with the main Electronic Invoicing Companies per country.

  • Automatic import of Daily Exchange Rates into NetSuite by using integrations with Central Banks.

  • Fiscal and accounting reports, including mandatory files to upload in tax agencie's application.

  • Sales and Purchases Taxes, and WHT setup, using the SuiteTax feature.

  • Support service both in English and Spanish.

We offer NetSuite Localizations for several countries including:









Electronic Invoicing

  • Issuance of the main e-documents (factura and nota de crédito).

  • Possibility to issue the rest of the e-documents, such as: factura exportación, nota de débito, guía de despacho, comprobantes de retención.

  • Reimbursement documents completely integrated, allowing the business to record vendor reimbursement invoices, issue their own reimbursement and include this information in the ATS report.

  • RUTs validations, including format and duplicates.

  • E-documents status reports, showing SRI's response.

  • Automatic notification regarding e-documents rejected by SRI.

  • E-documents sent by email to the customer automatically.

  • Import in bulk of the purchase e-documents to NetSuite, creating the vendor bills automatically.

Tax Management and Withholding tax

The necessary taxes depending on the company business line will be fully set up in NetSuite, as well as the required withholding taxes.

Sales & Purchases Taxes


> Sales and Purchases basic VAT (rate 12%)
> Exempt (0%) VAT
> Import and Export VAT

Withholding Taxes


> Professional fees
> Company Revenue taxes


Fiscal and Accounting Reports

With our EC Localization Bundle, you can gather all the necessary data to declare the mandatory forms to the SRI, depending on your company's business line.

> Companies Revenue Tax - Impuesto a la Renta de Sociedades Report
> ATS Report
> 103 Report
> 104 Report

Exchange Rate Integration

The daily Exchange Rates are automatically imported using our NetSuite-BCE integration, including all the required currencies.

​We have the know how, but more importantly we deeply care about your success.

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