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NetSuite ERP Support and Implementation for running brand

NetSuite ERP Support & New projects Implementation

Tracksmith is an independent running brand.

They honor the Amateur Spirit upon which the sport was founded and champion the Running Class – the non-professional yet competitive runners dedicated to the pursuit of personal excellence.

Tracksmith training brand logo

They offer well-considered and authentic products for training, racing and rest days. They aim to celebrate, support, and add to running’s distinct culture.

The Project

It’s been awesome working with Tracksmith team all these months for our company. Our weekly meetings, various communication channels and statuses shared are always very simple due to the great relationship among teams.

Tracksmith operates their ecommerce using NetSuite as the main ERP, Shopify to host their web site, Returnly for return to credit process, and fulfillment through 3pls.

Luckily for both parties, we are experts in all these areas. Besides those platforms, we ‘ve worked with their team implementing and supporting integrations between said systems.

Also, some projects we ‘ve worked in parallel are related to:

NetSuite ERP Support and Implementation for running brand

> Purchase Orders and procurement
> Landed Costs
> Financial Reports
> Inventory Reports
> Backorders handling
> Shipments
> Shopify & Returnly Integrations
> Sales & Fulfillment


We can tell you, Tracksmith is not only here to stay but to thrive.
For our company is very inspiring being part of this process-enhancement, and growth phase the company is going through.

Thanks for the trust, we will keep doing or best to see Tracksmith reach its goals and providing the best customer experience possible out there.

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