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NetSuite ERP Support for catalog sales

NetSuite ERP Support & New projects Implementation

Tissini is a catalog sales company that supports Latin Women in the United States to achieve their dreams.

Tissini catalog sales logo

The Project

Definitely a great relationship forged with mutual trust.

Tissini had used NetSuite for some years when they reached our team for help. They had a live ERP environment; however, it wasn’t good enough for their automation expectations.

With HRC, several enhancements were planned and implemented to streamline the processes flows, and several more to come in the upcoming months.Some of them are:

NetSuite ERP Implementation for catalog sales
Tissini catalog sales logo

> Allocation, Shipping & Delivery:

As often happens in the AFA industry, Tissini incorporated new Warehouses. Our team helped setting up Automatic Location Assignment, ALA Helper, splitting lines customizations, optimization of shipping and delivery among others.

> Elite Plan:

In order to boost sales and gain customer’s confidence, a discount plan based on sales was created to assign real time discounts on sales orders for high sales customers.

> Training:

Tissini team, as many other customers, understood that their team could highly benefit from NetSuite standard trainings by different modules, to ensure using best practices in their business flows and efficiency.

> Support:

Some of the previous automations that Tissini had in their account were not working as expected or could just be refactored and enhanced. Our team assisted in this process.

> Vendor Portal:

One of the big ones. This portal for Tissini’ s vendors helps them automatically send packing lists by simply using a barcode reader. Creating the item receipts and vendor bills have never been easier, all without losing needed validations and controls like 3-way matching.

> 3pl integration:

Inventory synced real time when receiving items at the warehouse.

Something we like and why we enjoy working with Tissini so much, is that they are always in the look up for enhancements opportunities, and our teams collaboratively brainstorm together, and design the most efficient automations for their industry.

We know this is just the beginning of the journey.

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