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Netsuite construction integrationapp


With 1M+ projects and 125+ countries reached, Procore is a world leader in Software for the construction industry.

The Procore system is a proven solution for managing all the aspects of a construction project.

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The Solution

Procore’s construction project management tool was missing only one thing; integrate fast and easy with the world’s most deployed ERP Cloud solution; NetSuite.

With this app integrating towards NetSuite, Procore’s customers experience the best of both worlds!


Keeping all the project specifics in the best tool for it, and the general company financials and inventory as well. All while they are real time synced.

This solution improves project design, planning, execution, traceability, financial tracking, and company wide collaboration while following US and IFRS GAAP.

Accounts Receivables and Purchasing departments are now able to automatically account for project Cost/Revenue in real time, giving project managers in Procore instant financial visibility.

Reporting and KPIs have never worked better for them!

Netsuite construction integrationapp
Netsuite construction integrationapp flows
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