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Retail & AFA NetSuite Add-On

Order Management fully automated in your NetSuite account.

As Retail & AFA industries experts, we are constantly facing the same old issues repeatedly.

In order to help our customers, better and faster, we decided to build a
common solution to tackle all these pain points:​


Main Benefits

  • Increase on-time delivery.

  • Increase Allocation & fulfillment efficiency.

  • Reduce delays, back orders & partial orders.

  • Reduce Shipping Costs & Manual work.  

  • Reduce Fulfillment Costs & Penalties.

  • Fully automated order management cycle.

  • Full allocation control by warehouse..

  • Full visibility to operations users.


Provided by NetSuite Add-On

>  Reprocessing Tool

For high volume processing companies, ALA usually does not allocate all the Sales Orders at once (due to business events nature). This approach ensure all orders will be correctly allocated and allows to re process allocation ad hoc or automated on several other events like when we receive inventory.

> Share Balancer

Give us full control on share to be allocated to each warehouse, easy to setup & maintain. Reduces fulfillment costs, warehouse penalties & fees for exceeding limits and increases on time delivery.

> On Demand ALA Form

Flexibility and high-volume ad hoc processing capabilities.

> Split Lines

Reduces backorders and manual work. Increase on time delivery.

Reprocessing Tool.png
Share Balancer- 2.png

Auto Fulfillment 2.0

Fully automates the order management cycle. Allows quick & easy communication with 3PLs.  Reduces backorders, shipping costs and manual intervention.

> Partials.
> Events.
> On Demand Form: Flexibility and high-volume ad hoc processing capabilities.


Fullfilment 2.png

Monitoring Dashboard


​We have the know how, but more importantly we deeply care about your success.

Hood River Consulting

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